HOW DOES THE INDEX WORK? – A sample from the INDEX follows:

You may scroll through the Index, click on the colored Link, and see the full review.  The Index is arranged alphabetically by the information in column 1.

Column 1   -  Consists of Artists, Companies, Titles of works, and Subjects, etc.
Column 2 – The purple links may be clicked on to see the review
Column 3 – Is the title of the work, performance, event, etc.
Column 4 – Genre is the genre of dance: ballet, modern, etc.
Column 5 – Is the date of a performance (first day for performance with multiple days)
Column 6 – Video in review source – livecam = with footage taken at performance, live = reviewer there, etc.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT OUR REVIEWS? – A dance review or commentary on the net, is different from a print review consisting of text and pictures.  In addition, our net reviews  contain: video excerpts from live or recorded dance performance; video interviews of creative staff; links to information on dance people reviewed; and presents You Tube, Vimeo and other videos, as part of the Review.  We showcase, in a new way, the work of emerging, promising & significant Choreographers, Dancers, and Dance Professionals  – “a video is worth 100,00 words”; provide constructive feedback on audience perception; and inform an increasingly visual society, effectively, about dance.  Currently dance professionals in over a dozen countries subscribe to our service.  Past write ups are currently being re-edited and added to our Reviews.

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