If you need a story for Washington at Williamsburg

This is what the composer used as a concept in developing the dances:

Washington at Williamsburg presents eight, period inspired, Colonial dances.  In 1760, Williamsburg was the capitol of Virginia. Governor William Berkeley and his wife held balls, in the ballroom of the Governor’s Palace.   The scene of Washington at Williamsburg, is the ballroom of the Governor’s Palace.


George and Martha Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry attend a Colonial Ball in 1760 Virginia.  They all lived in or near Williamsburg and attended functions in the Capital of Colonial Virginia.


Governor Berkeley, Sir William
Lady Berkeley
Rufus, the Major Domo – Announcing arrivals and departures
George Washington, of Mt. Vernon and member House of Burgesses
Martha Washington
Patrick Henry, who in 1760 took his attorney exam in Williamsburg
Thomas Jefferson, a student at William and Mary College and violinist
Anne and Betsy Blair, friends of Thomas Jefferson
Richard Henry Lee, eminent Virginian Family
Ann Aylett Lee, wife of Richard Henry Lee
John and Peyton Randolph, brothers
George Wythe and Elizabeth Taliaferro Wythe, wife of George
Gypsy Entertainers (gypsy prisoners were shipped to Virginia in the 1600s)
*Ben Franklin,  Deborah Read, Franklin’s wife  &  ‘Sally’ Franklin, daughter

*(Franklin was abroad in 1760, but is included in the work. Franklin in 1760 became  associated with the Bray School in Williamsburg, the first school for black Americans).

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