“V” is for?  Vertigo, Velocity, Vortex, Vectors, Va-Va-Volume, etc.

“V” is for ? – is a set of dances which explore challenging dance movement, are non-narrative and have titles beginning with the letter “V”.  Dances will be added to this set periodically in the future.

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1. Va-Va-Volume – Put a rapper, a jazz quartet, hip hop sounds, a rock drummer and classical percussionists in a room for a couple of days and you get Va-Va Volume.

2.  Vibrations – A tuning fork vibrates, but Vibrations explores incorporating vibrating motion into dance.

3.  Velocity -  Grooves of different velocity (speed) and dance sections which accelerate in speed or decelerate in speed are presented in Velocity.

4. Vertigo – Dynamic whirling and continuous motion is featured in this dance work. Folk dances of the Balkans and Middle East feature rhythmic patterns more complex than duple or triple time. Vertigo uses a 5/4 beat throughout to enhance the dizzying feeling of Vertigo

5. Valse-Marche (Kaleidoscope) – An endlessly shifting aural landscape where a steady beat changes back and forth between being subdivision into three pulses (3/4 time) and two pulses (6/8 time).  The tension of the relentlessly changing rhythmic pattern is a foil for the dance.

6. Venetian Interlude – Classical, Romantic, Contemporary and Rococo elements fused in an enigmatically developed interlude followed by four playful variations.


7.  Voyager - A dance trip to destinations in our dreams.  The music has elements of classical architecture, romantic lushness and extended contemporary harmonies.  Scored for 2 pianos.

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