The Newborn

Solo modern dance work premiered in 1961 at UCLA, then toured and was reprised at Schoenberg Hall.

The Newborn was commissioned and composed in 1961 for (Chugliang) Al Huang for a solo modern dance performance.

The Newborn premiered on April 14, 1961 at Royce Hall, UCLA. The Al Huang Dance Company took The Newborn on tour and reprised the piece in a concert in 1965 at Schoenberg Hall, UCLA.

Music for The Newborn was conceived to accompany the choreographed dance concept of Al Huang.


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The Newborn – 6:15

Recently Chungliang Al Huang and RAZ reminisced about creativity in the arts and The Newborn, which premiered 50 years ago. We were pleased that we were both still engaged in creative activites in the arts.  More about Chungliang Al Huang and his current work can be seen at  Living Tao.

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