Yu Li’s Voyage

Yu Li, a poor Chinese girl, voyages to San Francisco.  Yu Li is indentured to the Mandarin Chan, a SF shopkeeper.  Tony Orfeo, an Italian military officer, gives up his commission, after seeing brutal fighting in Tientsin, China, and is on the same ship as Yu Li. Tony will join Uncle Mario in running the Trattoria Mario.

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1. Voyage to America – 4:42 – Tony and Yu Li, meet on their voyage to America.

2. Trattoria Mario – 3:15 - Tony is maitre D plus in the busy trattoria. Yu Li enters. Yu Li and Maria waltz. Yu Li exits. Mario resumes as the busy maitre d’. <

3. Chan’s Jade and Ivory Emporium – 4:24 – Mandarin Chan and Yu Li and Tony interact.

4. Flight, Love Song and Parting - 4.49 – Yu Li and Tony flee through the streets of San Francisco. Yu Li and Tony dance a love duet. Chan appears. Reluctantly, Yu Li follows Chan and leaves Toni.

Yu Li’s Voyage retells the Orpheus and Eurydice legend in 1900 San Francisco Chinatown

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