Night Stories

Scheherazade and the Sultan Revisited – Turkish inspired music, retelling the Persian legend of the Thousand and One Nights – which may be done in contemporary dress and style, or in a traditional manner.

DancersScheherazade, Sultan Mustapha, Sultana Aga, Babar (Aga’s Lover), The Sultan’s ladies and Courtiers.

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1. Partying – 3:24 – A party in the Palace of the Sultan (Entire Company)

 2.  The Sultan Returns – 4:26 – Sultana Aga entertains Babar, her lover, and   hides    Babar when Sultan Mustapha returns.  Aga sweet talks the Sultan who leaves, then Aga and  Babar embrace again.  Mustapha unexpectedly returns and takes vengeance on Aga and Babar.   Disenchanted,  Mustapha takes a series of new “brides” each night. (Aga, Babar, Sultan Mustapha, and the Sultan’s Ladies.)

3.  Enter Scheherazade  – 3:38 – Scheherazade entertains Mustapha and begins a story which she stops as dawn breaks, and  Scheherazade promises to finish her story the next evening.

4. More Stories – 3:34 – Scheherazade tells three more of her stories to the Sultan.  Stories may be acted out partially or fully by the Company.

5. No More Stories – 4:12 – After the 1001 stories Scheherazade has no more stories to tell. She and Mustapha embrace and dance a love duet which becomes a celebration for all as Scheherazade becomes Mustapha’s beloved Sultana. <

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