Metropolis 3000

New York Central (Manhattan) in the year 3000, is the setting for this comic, futuristic, cops and robbers romp. Metropolis 3000 might be any large city (San Francisco, Miami, London, etc.) in the year 3000. Locale change for performances in area performed, recommended.

Koko Ryan, Supercop
Zane “Zanebrain” Davis, Inventor and stargazer
Big “K”, Koko’s Lieutenant and Sidekick
MamaLoa, Mother of Big “K”
Police Squad 3000 – Cops in Koko’s Zeppi-Station Unit
Diamond Dolls (a gang of female Jewel thieves)

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1. Metropolis Beat – 3:56

2. Zeppi-Station Blues -2:46

3. Cops and Robbers Frolic - 3:21

4. Koko’s HoverSwat Team Rescues Zanebrain – 3:24

5. Koko Woos Zanebrain – 4:16

6. Diamond Dolls are Captured at Greenwich Depot – 2:27

7. All’s Well in Metropolis Central – 3:36

8. Space-Cops Ball (Woody’s Rag)3:09

CONCEPT – Metropolis 3000 takes place in New York Central (Manhattan, or any large city) in the year 3000. It’s a peaceful summer, but the Diamond Dolls, a gang of daring jewel thieves, have been operating in Tree City (the Central Park area). Koko Ryan (Asian-Irish-American) and her Lieutenant, Big “K” (Big Kahuna), are stationed out of the Tree City Zeppi-Station, which hovers over the park.  Koko’s assignment is, “bring in the Diamond Dolls.”  Zeppi-Station Blues envisions a sleepy morning in the station, with the usual cops and deviants present.  After cops and robbers light contact in Cops and Robbers Frolic, the Diamond Dolls break into eccentric inventor Zane “Zanebrain” Davis’s Tree City Bluestone (Brownstone re-habbed). Zane is being held hostage.  Koko and her HoverSwat Crew rescue Zane but the Diamond Dolls escape.  Koko falls for Zane and woos him, though he is more interested in stargazing to begin with.  Koko and crew track the Diamond Dolls to their lair in Greenwich Depot and capture them.  All’s well that ends well and it is off to the Space-Cops Ball (the Finale).

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