People wear costumes, makeup and masks to hide their inner feelings.  These feelings play out in relationships differently than  what is perceived in viewing the masks we all wear.  Masks, literal and figurative, cover what is inside us all.

The individual music numbers in Masks, a Dance Suite are suitable for performance as dance solos, duets,  or ensemble numbers.  They may be used separately, or combined in any sequence for live performances.  As with all Music 4 Dance works, the CDs (or MP3 downloads)  may be used with easily acquired, modestly priced, performance rights.

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1.  Texas Two-Step & Promenade – 2:47

  Country fiddling, Line,  folk, and display dancing are all feasible with this up tempo hoot, which builds to a fast paced conclusion.

2.  Jivers Boogie – 2:32

A relentlessly high energy jazz dance, with a Gershwin influence and zippy piano solos characterizes Jivers Boogie.

3.  Heartbreakers – 3:31

  Soulful Gypsy violin and accordion solos are prominent in this mood piece about the yearning of passionate love which is spurned.

4.  Flirt – 3:24 -

Nostalgia, echoing the Charleston and sugar-coated pop music of the past are evident in this flirtatious number.

5.  Masks Off – 4:06 

Put a rapper, a jazz quartet, hip hop sounds, a rock drummer and classical percussionists in a room for a couple of days and you get Masks Off.

6.  Masks On Conga – 2:22

A pop Conga with a form and build inspired by Ravel’s Bolero.  The theme is repeated with changing orchestration and increases in intensity and speed through to the conclusion.

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