Dance Songs

a collection of contemporary dance music incorporating popular and folk motifs.  DanceSongs reaches out to 21st century choreographers and dancers wishing to explore and expand their work in new genres.

The eight DanceSongs incorporate ideas from Andes folk flute music (Inca Princess); a tango with jazz influences (Tango Blanco); soft rock (Sunshine Rock); Blues and Saxophone riffs (Blue-zy Suzy); and Mexican folk and Mariachi (Viva Frida). Watch for more DanceSongs in the future.

Click on players below to Listen to (or Stop) Music

1. Sunday Coffee – A dance in a soft and mellow mood

2. Blue-zy Suzy – Trombone and Sax solos with a blues group

3. Sunshine Rock – Retro and soft rock imagery

4. Tango Blanco - A jazz tango?

5. Inca Princess – Andes folk and El Condor Pasa visions

6. Viva FridaKahlo: Young Frida and Diego – Opening number

7.  Paree – Memories of a City

8. Hometown Parade – Dancing in the streets ending in Saints Go Marching In

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