Hope Endures

Dedicated to all those who cherish life’s blessings and seek freedom in a non-violent way

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Hope Endures, tells the story of a mother, Miriam, and her daughter, Naomi, who seek survival and a meaningful life in a hostile world.  It is a story about the lot of caring family members, particularly woman, that unfortunately repeats itself, from age to age. While the Story Synopsis places Miriam and Naomi in biblical Judea, the events could be happening today, on any continent. Choreographers may change the names, places and time.

DANCERS:  Miriam, a potter  *  Naomi, Miriam’s daughter  *  Mordechai, Miriam’s husband
Reb Yochanan, Miriam’s brother  *  Eli, Naomi’s husband  *  People of Hebron
Roman Soldiers  *  Masada Defenders  *  People of Yavne

STORY SYNOPSIS:  Miriam and Naomi live with their families in Hebron. The story takes place during the years 70-80, when, Jerusalem and Masada fell to the Roman Legions. The story begins at Naomi and Eli’s wedding in Hebron, with a raucous feast.  Then, Miriam and Naomi sell their pottery in the marketplace. Miriam and Naomi’s huband’s, wishing to free Judea from Roman rule, join a rebel army and bid their wives adieu. The next morning Miriam and Naomi pray. The people of Hebron experience a peaceful morning.  The Roman Legion crushes Hebron.  Survivors, Miriam and Naomi seek refuge at Masada with their husbands.  Masada falls under the Roman siege.  Miriam and a pregnant Naomi hide as Masada is captured.  Miriam and Naomi come out of hiding, to find and pray for their dead husbands.  As a Roman sentry approaches they slink off to seek refuge with family in Yavne.  The finale takes place at a Purim festival in Yavne, when all are joined in dance by Naomi and baby Eli.

Hope Endures is a storytelling work, as are the tone poems of the late 19th century.  Hope Endures was conceived as a 20 minute storytelling dance work, for five solo dancers and a dance company.  The music score is for cello and orchestra.

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