Arranged in ALPHABETIC order by TITLE.  All works are multi-movement and allow excerpting and expansion.

Click on a Titles below to hear and learn about the work

Alice, the ballet –30-45 min. – Wonderland revisited.

Bonnie and Clyde –10 min. – Audience gripping with gunshots and guts

Hope  Endures – 20 min. – poem for Cello and Chamber Orchestra. Ths story of a mother and daughter caught in the turmoil of the biblical Masada massacre

Kahlo: Young Frida and Diego – 30 minutes – Mexican folk and pop influences.  Tells the troubled story of Frida and Diego

Mango Tango – 1930s Tango Trip to 8 countries with Tango enthusiasts Lucy and Desi

Metropolis 3000 – 30 min. – soft rock, jazz and experimental music, comedic, futuristic cops and robbers fantasy in a big city (NYC?)

Mother Goose – 30 min. – Traditional songs for children re-arranged.

Mozart in Love – (in progress) – Modern takes and arrangements of Mozart melodies.

Night Stories – 20 min. – Music with a Turkish influence, a retelling of the Scheherazade legend

Pecos Billy and Sue – 30+ min. – cowboys, cowgirls, horses & coyotes

St. Louis Woman – 12 min. – Trumpet and Orchestra.  St. Louis Blues Variations and Fortune Teller dance used in telling the story of St. Louis woman.

Sherlock Dance Fantasy – 20 min. – Sherlock Holmes foils Drucilla Gill.

Yu Li’s Voyage –  20 min. – Blends Oriental pentatonic and Italian Opera styles. Retelling of the Orpheus legend in 1900 San Francisco.  Tony Orfeo and Yu-Li try to transcend their cultural differences.

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