Dance Music for YOU

The web-site was launched in 2010, with the objective of providing music specifically for contemporary dance.  We do not create music for the concert hall, movies, commercials, etc.  The founders’ philosophy is that dance is the most under-funded of all the creative arts; and there is a need for modestly priced music of quality, written with dance in mind.
Music CDs or MP3s (Ipods, etc.) offer a great way to choreograph and practice dance works

COLLABORATION:  By collaboration, we mean that  Choreographers, Dancers, and Teachers may specify the music work to be produced; and we will provide a  quote, write, perform and produce a finished CD, MP3 or PDF score of the music work.  We do not collaborate on the development of dance concepts or designing large works.  Our goal is to provide music works to your specifications.  All the works in the catalogs are produced in our own studio and published by our ASCAP affiliate, ConcertHall Editions. Through Skype video conferencing, we are able to work on E-Collaborations as a writer / composer in E-Residence. This allows us to create or modify works in a timely manner and download results quickly to our collaborators.

Currently, our CATALOGS contain over 150 works for contemporary dance. New works are added each month.  Included are one movement music works, non-narrative SUITES and STORYTELLING music works.

ASCAP Composer, Artist, Writer, R. A. Zuckerman, Director at, had his first dance music, The Newborn, premiered in 1961, at Royce Hall, UCLA.  For details on this critically acclaimed work and other works, go to the CATALOG.


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