St. Louis Woman Dance Suite

A jazz singer, her beau, and the St. Louis Woman are featured. Requires 5 dancers. Includes variations on the W.C. Handy song and a fortune-teller dance.

SCENE: BB’s Jazz Club in St. Louis – 1919  (NOTE: BB’s Jazz Club didn’t exist in 1919, but the building did, which was then Phil’s Hotel )

DANCERS: Mae – A blues singer, Jimmy ‘O’ – Band leader / trumpet player and Mae’s beau, Lu -  St. Louis Woman, with diamond rings – a man magnet, Jeff -  Piano player in Jimmie’s band and Mae’s old friend, Mama Cairo -  a fortune teller

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1. Variations on St. Louis Blues – 5:21

Theme -  (Mae)
Variation 1 -(Mae and Jimmy)
*Refrain – (Lu and Jeff)
Variation 2 – (Mae, Lu and Jimmy’s. Jimmy leaves with Lu)
Variation 3 – (Sorrowful Mae consoled buy Jeff)
Variation 4 – (Mae solo
Variation 5 – (Mae as the evening sun goes down)
*(I hate to see the evening sun go down)

2. Petit Blues Interlude -  1:19

(Mae and Mama Cairo warning: Don’t you wear no black).

3. BB’s Jazz Club -  3:41

Part 1 – (Lu and Jimmy)
Part 2 -  (Mae  dazzles Jimmy)
Part 3 – (Jimmy in Trumpet Solo Dance)
Part 4  – (St. Louis Blues excerpt) – Jimmy and Mae, ignoring Lu’s whiles
Part 5 -  (Mae and Jimmy).

Orchestrated for Trumpet and String Orchestra.

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