Sherlock Dance Fantasy

Sherlock aids his niece Daphne in foiling Drucilla Gill.  Dr. Watson also dances.  Features 7 dancers in a melodic period piece, with a 20 minute run time.

The Sherlock Dance Fantasy, consists of 7 dance movements. The cast of 7 dancers includes: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Daphne Holmes (Sherlock’s niece), James West (Daphne’s fiancée), James’s mother, Lady Magenta West, Portia Moon (Magenta’s Secretary) and Drucilla Gill  (former girlfriend and determined stalker of James West). The Sherlock Dance Fantasy is inspired by the music in the 1987 R. A. Zuckerman musical, Sherlock.

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1.  Prelude – Near 221b Baker St. - 2:36 – A quiet square where Sherlock, Watson and Drucilla meet

2.  221b Baker St. - 2:42 – Morning at Sherlock’s lodgings – Daphne and James require consultation

3.  Daphne and James Love Duet – 3:07 

4.  Sherlock at Westways - 2:21 - Westways - Lady West, Portia, Magenta, Daphne, James, Sherlock and Watson dance 

5.  Drucilla Arrives - 2:48

6.  Drucilla and Sherlock Spar - 2:18 – Sherlock vanquishes Drucilla

7.  Finale - 2:48 - Westways - All join Sherlock in celebration

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