Pecos Billy and Sue

The Pecos Billy and Sue dance suite retells an American tall tale legend.  Pecos Billy and Sue uses a large cast of Cowboys, Cowgirls, even Horses and Coyotes in 8 colorful numbers with a 30+ minutes run time. Pecos Billy and Sue, the dance suite, consists of 8 dance movements and is based on the tall tales about Pecos Bill and the 1988 R. A. Zuckerman musical, Pecos Billy and Sue.

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1.   Pecos River Morning - 4:22 – (Young Billy and family)

2.   Pecos the Coyote - 4:12 - (Mama Coyote and Billy and later Sue)

3.   Creosote Ranch Workday 1:57 – (Sue, Pecos and Ranch hands)

4.   Lariat Dance - 1:16 – (Pecos and the Cowboys)

5.   Pecos and Sue Love Duet - 3:12

6.   Pecos and Widow-Maker - 3:11(Pecos as he tracks the horse, Widow Maker)

7.   Celebration Boomerang - 2:11 (All celebrate the return of Pecos and Widow-Maker and Sue boomerangs).

8.  Finale - 4:00 (Billy and Widow-Maker (now called Pal) track and find Sue. Billy and Sue reprise their Love Duet then all join in Finale.

CD Recording:  CD for dance practice and performance

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