Mango Tango

Luci and Desi and Company (Friends, Tango Club Patrons and Musicians)

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1. Mango Tango - 2:11 Lucy and Desi get ready to travel.

2. Madrid Tango - 3:31  In a Madrid tango club dancing to Espana Cani, and Amapola
3. Carmen’s Tango – 2:41 – In Paris Bizet’s Habanera. In Mexico City dancing to Guantanamera

4. Havana-Rio Tango – 3:04 – In Cuba Siboney. In Brazil Odeon and Atrahente
5. La Giralda Tango – 2:48 – In a Montevideo cafe dancing to Volver and La Comparsita

NOTES: Mango Tango is a fantasy, though Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, who were the right age to have gone to tango clubs in the 1930s, and could have met Valentino (who did La Cumparsita in film) at the La Giralda Café in Montevideo. They might have bumped into Carlos Gardel, doing Volver in Buenos Aires.

Included in the music adaptations are: Pascuale Narro’s Espana Cani, George Bizet’s Habanera, Joseph LaCalle’s Amapola, Ernesto Lecuona’s Siboney, Ernesto Lazareth’s Odeon, Francisca Gonzaga’s Atrahente, Gerardo Rodriguez’s La Cumparsita, and Carlos Gardel’s Volvar.

Scored for trio – Violin, Cello and Piano.

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