Annie’s Dream

A Contemporary Dance Suite

Consists of four movements for String Quartet or String Orchestra.   The music was originally written as parts of two string quartets.  Run time 15 minutes.

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1. Annie’s Dream  – 4:23

2. Love Duet  -  2:39

3. Growing Up -  2:57

4.  Celebration -  3:09

 Annie’s Dream and Elysian Fields  CD available @ $12.95 U.S. plus S&H


CONCEPT: Annie has fond dreams of her childhood, dances a love duet with her beau Joe, reminisces about her adolescence and celebrates her engagement  to Joe.  Can be performed as a concept or storytelling workwith two or more dancers minimum (Annie and Joe). 

Click on  ELYSIAN FIELDS  for details and to listen to the music.


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