Collision Course – a.k.a. Pillow Talk

Maida Withers Dance Construction Company presented Collision Course – A.K.A. Pillow Talk on Dec. 8, 2012, at the Betts Marvin Theatre in Washington, D.C. This full length dance-theater work about the fiction and reality of LUV for the digital age, may be viewed in the video at right, or directly from Vimeo with additional details on performers, etc. (see links at end of review).

Fabled Choreographer Maida Withers continues to produce cutting-edge modern dance works which combine technological advances in film, videography, photography, digital art and electronic music — with dancers, words (spoken poetry & words as visuals) and props (pillows in this case); to produce a seamless and coherent audio visual performance event.  In Collision Course dancers in simple white and black costumes with white pillows are always in the forefront of the ‘story’ being told.  In the background subtle projection of images and words enhances the foreground interplay between the four featured and supporting dancers. Excellent lighting and a minimalist electronic music score added to the mood and fabric of Collision Course.

It is interesting to view the video at left, Laser Dance, which was performed in 1985, to gain insight into the evolving artistry of choreographer Maida Withers.

Modern Dance, like painting (sans objectivity), classical music (sans melody)and other arts threw off narrative/thematic ideas in the 20th century to allow experimentation. Picasso straddled the line between abstraction and non-objectivity by always depicting something objective from life, no matter how distorted the presentation. Wither’s Collision Course follows the trend of abstractly, eloquently, expressing life.

Click for: VIMEO Collison Course details — Withers Collision Course interview — Web Site

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