Dance for a Wish 2012

The 4th Annual Dance for a Wish Event presented electric, dazzling, high-energy dancing, potent and creative choreography, and inspirational readings by Rudy Francisco; all for the benefit of the Make a Wish Foundation. The Sept. 30, 2012 performance was at the Garfield Theater in San Diego.  This review will be updated with performance videos in the future, but a sample of Keone Madrid work is at right and Cheney & Kubitz work below.

An event highlight was the enthusiastic audience gripping Lois Lane Choreographed by Keone Madrid (Choreo Cookies and Movement Lifestyle); danced by Pat Cruz, Keone Madrid, Chris Martin, Vinh Nguyen and Jason Patio. The duo of Sheldon Cheney & Mathew Kubitz did a steller, world-class performance of Blood Stream; Choreographed by Tarua Hall.

There is not enough space in this review to list all the fine dancing, dancers, support people, staff and choreographic efforts on display at Dance for a Wish 2012, which was produced by Outreach Through Dance (OTD). Melissa Adeo, OTD Artistic Director, presented her prize winning work, In the Wild. Sara Orbita, OTD Co-Artistic Director, collaborated with dancers in Don’t Live With Regret.

This popular event played to an enthusiastic audience that at various times sang along with, clapped and stomped with the performance.

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